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We have become the good partner with SINOPCE/CNPC/Saint-Gobain/BHP.


About us

Pulisi is a global supplier in specialty chemicals, We estabish at 2006, as the china biggest sodium formate supplier, ability is 4000MT/month,
we have two plants passed the ISO14001/ISO 9001/REACH/FAMI-QS/GMP certification
focus on the R&D, production, sales and logistics, qingdao/tianjin/shanghai port and Zibo Free Trade Zone have our warehouses, Service for oil drilling/construction/leather and water treatment industry.
we have more than 50 employees, is servicing 600+ customers in 90+ countries. Our network has expanded to all main continents and major countries.
Our mission is to supply high quality products to improve the global chemical activity

Our Products

Our News

Potassium formate efficiency compared

Potassium formate efficiency compared

Potassium formate, a formic acid salt, is more efficient than other de-icing agents such as: Potassium acetate Urea Glycerol Compared to potassium formate, taken at a relative efficiency of 100%, potassium acetate has an efficiency of only 80 to 85%, depending on the prevailing temperature.

Oil drilling and completion fluids– sodium formate

Oil drilling and completion fluids– sodium formate

Drilling for energy and raw materials is a tough and demanding business. Expensive rigs, arduous environmnets and difficult geological conditions make it challenging and risky. To maximize the profitability of oil and gas fields, formates are providing excellent performance and environmental benefits. The formates technology enables high temperature high pressure drilling, minimizes formation damage, reduces operating costs and is environmentally-friendly. Pulisi is the world leader in the production of sodium and potassium formates and is fully backward integrated. We carry sufficient stock to supply any sudden request and we provide the most efficient delivery both in terms of administration and physical transportation. Everything to keep the rigs running and avoid costly production stops.


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